August, 2012
Music by N. Verhamme. Visual art by Bukunzi Jean Bosco. Words by a couple of different writers (to be shortly named).



June, 2012
Filmmaker Lev Anderson, poet Ashley Farmer, musicians Earlybird, and more!



March, 2012
Sue Cronmiller edited the book The Poets of El Sol. She is the founder and director of poetryXchange. The Preacher's Sons music, show dates, and the rest can be found at their website. Some of painter Jonathan Puls work can be viewed here. Geoff Leamon owns and operates Left of the Dial Record Shop, named after this excellent song.



January, 2012
Some of BH Fairchild's poems can be read here. His Amazon page is here. Some of Jordan Christian's paintings are viewable here. David Castillo's music can be listened to on his bandcamp site.



November 19, 2011
The excellent poet Collier Nogues has a website, which you can check out here. The tremendous combo The Ultimate Bearhug also have a web presence, as this link will show. More about the fantastic artist and filmmaker Greg King is just a click away. Don't forget to visit the Canvas Shop.



September 17, 2011
Some of Shiaw-tian Liaw's poetry can be read here. The music of Paulie Pesh can be listened to at pauliepesh.com. Virginia Katz's paintings are viewable at her website.



May 21, 2011
Andrew Winer's most recent novel is The Marriage Artist. Visit him at his website. Carina Downing is an artist and musician whose music can be heard here. Currently in graduate school in Portland, OR, Eric Trine's thoughts and work can be viewed at etrine.com. More about John Chan's design collaborative, Formation Association, can be found here.



March 19, 2011
Derrick Brown's poetry can be read and listened to here and his publishing company, Write Bloody, can be found here. Kurt Simonson's photographs of things and people are viewable at his website. Barrett Johnson's latest CD is called New Jerusalem. He and Doll Knight comprise The Ultimate Bearhug.



January 22, 2011
Rachel Hinton is completing her MFA at UC Irvine. You can read her poem "Juvenilia" here. The fantastic California Pop of the California Lions can be experienced on Facebook. Jeff Rau serves as curator of the terrific downtown LB space, SixPack Projects. Art and sculptures were by Jonathan Anderson and Nathan Huff.



November 20, 2010
Information on the music of Ben White can be found here and here. Some of Duncan Simcoe's drawings can be viewed here. More about the poetry of Cecilia Woloch is available at her website.



September 18, 2010
Nathan Huff's wondrous paintings and sculptures are viewable at his website. James Kelly can be frequently found reading his poems at open-mic reading series around Orange County. Once in a blue moon they appear in journals or online. The harmony-laden Americana of The Preacher's Sons can be experienced at preacherssons.net. Those inspired by Dan Callis' Mt. Whitney travelogue can find more information here.



July 17, 2010
Aaron Belz's latest book of poems is Lovely, Raspberry. His blog can be found here. Clyde Beswick is the proprietor of CB1 Gallery. Paintings from the CB1 show "The art that dare not speak its name" were by Edith Beaucage, Alexander Kroll, Matt Lifson, and Lily Simonson, whom we also heard from. Dave Hill's amazing art and screen prints can be found here. Listen to the music of The Clouds here and to the music of their friends, Alyssandra and the Daymakers, here. The Emily Dickinson poem that kicked off the evening can be read here.



May 22, 2010
When not making large, mysterious paintings, Steve Comba curates the Claremont Museum of Art. Caley O'Dwyer's open-hearted poems can be found in journals and in his book Full Nova. Read more about him here. The spookily beautiful, carefully made songs of John R. Williamson can be sampled at myspace.



March 20, 2010
Ryan Callis's Idaho travelogue is documented here, here and here. Stephanie Brown's most recent book of poems is Domestic Interior. The paintings of Stacy Zaninovich can be viewed at her website. Artist Dianna Cohen is a co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. A former member of the late, great Havalina, multi-instrumentalist David Maust teaches Latin and, with Jeremy Ediger, plays murder ballads.



January 23, 2010
Michelle Mitchell-Foust teaches math in a Santa Ana continuation school. Her books of poetry include Circassian Girl and Imago Mundi. Some of Juan Thorp's paintings can be viewed here and at his website. David De Boer, who talked to us about his life as a part-time professional (PGA) caddy, is also an artist and co-director of Raid Projects. The affirming, room-filling music of The Clouds should be experienced in the flesh, but it can also be heard online. Featured drink: Hot Buttered Rum.



November 21, 2009
Marlys West's book of kaleidoscopic poems, Notes for a Late-Blooming Martyr, can be found here. Some of Darren Hostetter's paintings of airborne objects can be viewed at his website. The soulful music of The Romany Rye can be listened to at myspace. Eric Trine's salon photobooth project has been documented at his website.



September 18, 2009
Cristy Rose Smith lives and works on a farm as part of the Abundant Table Farm Project. More information is available at jointhefarm.com. Lorene Delany-Ullman is one of the founders of the Casa Romantica Reading Series. Her poetry can be found here, here, and here. More about the hand-crafted dresses--better understood as wearable art--made by the hand of Julia Barbee can be found at frockyjackmorgan.com. The amazing songs and harmonies of Sam Outlaw seem to be currently offline. Google him and see if you can find a tune or two.



July 25, 2009
Chris Davidson showed a brief travelogue of his early summer vacation to Bishop, the Carson Valley, and the West Fork of the Carson River. Eric D. Anderson’s short story “The Instructions,” complete with visual aids, can be read at Agni. He also helps make movies. Some of the links the car-less public transiteer Roy Shahbazian discussed are here and here and here and here. He also has played, and may one day play again, horn with The Santiago Steps. Lev Anderson, who showed us eerily beautiful photographs of Irvine at night, is completing a documentary on the band Fishbone. Musician and vintage clothing connoisseur Billy Kernkamp can be found on MySpace.



May 23, 2009
Justin Rigamonti just completed his MFA in poetry from UCI, where he was an editor of Faultline. Several of Zach Kleyn’s sculptures, paintings, and installations can be viewed at zachkleyn.com. Genevieve Leone works at Mattel. Her poetry has appeared in POOL, Dust Up, and Del Sol Review. More about the Baja-loving Professor Emeritus Rafe Payne can be found here. The music of Good Luck Bear can be listened to (should be listened to) on myspace.



March 21, 2009
More information about Summer Merritt's sculptures can be found at summermerritt.com. Allison Benis White has a website (allisonbeniswhite.com), through which you can buy her book of poems, Self-Portrait with Crayon. The finely wrought music of Joe Allen can be listened to at myspace.com/joeallen.



January 17, 2009
Gray Hilmerson is an MFA candidate in fiction writing at UC Irvine. David Callis works on incorporating green technology into new construction at his job at Swinerton Builders. Some of Joshua Aster's paintings can be found here. Singer Justin Grennan can be found, as so many singers can, on myspace. Denim Blue vintage clothing is located at 18320 Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach.



November 15, 2008
One-year anniversary boatyard blow-out
The band Avi Buffalo rocks the internet at myspace.com/avibuffalo. Dan Callis's paintings, etc. can be viewed at dancallisart.blogspot.com. The filmmakers who go by the name The Hobosoul can be visited at thehobosoul.com. For T-Shirt printing and other art, visit Dave Hill at daveahill.blogspot.com, and Ryan Bryant and Delve are at americansilkscreenandgraphics.com and thedelvemademedoit.blogspot.com. Aaron Belz's poems can be read at belz.wordpress.com. Eric Trine's converted S.W.A.T. van is parked at etrine.com.



September 20, 2008
Chris Davidson’s poetry appeared most recently in Burnside Review. To learn more about John King’s attempts to guide us toward renewable and sustainable energy, visit advancedlabgroup.com, the site for the company he’s started. Some of Ryan Callis’s paintings, along with some musings and information about upcoming art shows, can be found here: ryancallisart.blogspot.com. The resplendent music of Barrett Johnson can be sampled at myspace.com/barrettjohnson.



July 12, 2008
Liz Carney and Feo Voronov are painters living in Los Angeles. Patty Seyburn's next book of poetry, Hilarity, is coming out spring 2009. Summer Darling dare you to enter summerdarling.com. You can view remarkable multi-tasker Jenifer (aka Ms. Jen) Hanen's adventures with a camera at blackphoebe.com. She also wrote about this salon here.



May 24, 2008
The paintings and sculptures of Merion Estes can be viewed at merionestes.com. Eric Trine's adventures as a mobile installationist as well as his other endeavors in art can be read about at www.etrine.com. More about Aimee Bender's fiction is available at flammableskirt.com. We think mandolinist Jim Schubert is a member of the Schubert Brothers Band. If so, you can find them here: schubertbrothers.com. The Rio Bravo, on the other hand, is an easy outfit to find: theriobravo.com.



March 15, 2008
Troy Davidson's bomber game was made on the Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits Kit. Cody Gates' chapbook-single of poems At Bernanke's was published by enesspress.com. Some of Brad Eberhard's paintings can found at bradeberhard.net. Jeff Lytle's poetry project, The Peter Principle, is ongoing at thepeterprinciple.org. Johnny Hansen's music can be sampled at myspace.com/melanoid.



January 19, 2008
Information about Evan apRoberts' art can be found at evanaproberts.com. The music of Simone White can be explored at myspace.com/simonewhite & at simonewhite.com. To learn more about Jonathan Anderson, visit jonathanandersonpaintings.com. Some of Dawn Trook's poems can be found in Dust Up and, soon, at dawntrook.com.



November 17, 2007
Colette LaBouff Atkinson's book of poems, MEAN, will be published fall 2008 by University of Chicago Press. More information on the art of Mike Hernandez can be found at exilechild.com & thecaptiveuniverse.com. Richard Flory's musings (& information about his research) can be found at postmodernmetropolis.blogspot.com. Barrett Johnson's songs can be listened to at myspace.com/barrettjohnson.